Sisters Ink is…

a peer coaching and consulting group made of self-employed women from Morocco, Zambia, Switzerland, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal, Canada working toward gender justice and economic empowerment because issues of choice, economics and control over one's body are inter-related and intersectional. Gender justice includes LGBTQI2S+, transgender equity. The blend of our histories, identities and experiences allow us to bring rich analysis and grounding to practice, policy and research. We are situated in gendered power dynamics and social norms that underly and perpetuate inequities. With this in mind, we cluster in different combinations to facilitate strategy, systems evaluation and learning for organizations, community groups and networks.

We provide learning and peer coaching for different members to "take the ball" within a diverse community of support that was so often missing in our workplaces. Our aim is to partly address the power imbalances that exist in learning, consulting and research. We encourage our multiple roles in unpaid care and volunteer work, art, self-care. We need new models of working and learning to change systems or norms. This site is also meant to share learning as widely as possible. To extend the dialogue and deepen reflective action.





We Are

Nanci LEE

is a poet, adult educator and analyst committed to networks and alternative economic models that lead to greater voice, choice, rights, gender justice. [Canadian national]

patricia lopez-rodrigqueZ

is an analyst (Phd) committed to inclusive economies and just social policy, participation and asset ownership for vulnerable groups. [Mexican national]


is an award winning social entrepreneur with specialties across health care, sexual reproductive health and rights as well as economic empowerment of women in African and other low income communities. [Nigerian national]

meryem faris

is a tri-lingual microfinance and gender analyst committed to solutions that ensure gender equity, social performance and impact. [Moroccan national]

MOMAL Mushtaq

is a social entrepreneur and women's rights activist who believes in empowering women and other marginal groups through digital solutions. [Pakistani national]


uses community centred approaches to work with marginalized populations particularly women and children to advance their aspirations and wellbeing. [Zambian national]


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